Finally, a backstage pass for a profitable blogger’s email strategy.

Are you a blogger who’d like to make money from her list but doesn’t know where to start?

Have your affiliate promotions bombed with little to no sales?

Do you wonder if you’re emailing too often or if you’re saying the right things?

Do you hear all the talk about how important an email list is but when you email you hear nothing but crickets?

If your email list frustrates you, Inbox Invitation is for you.

I decided to write Inbox Invitation after talking to so many bloggers who had an email list but didn’t know how to use it. Or they were emailing faithfully once a week but the whole exercise seemed kind of pointless.

I see bloggers making simple mistakes all the time when they email. And fixing those mistakes makes a tremendous difference in how engaged their readers are AND how much money they make!

Just a minor shift in mindset can make emailing fun AND profitable!

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn:

  • How to create a plan for emailing your readers that makes you more money with less work!
  • The answer to “how often should I email and what in the world do I say?”
  • How and when to mention your product in a welcome sequence (hint: the answer might surprise you!)
  • How not to be spammy even if you’re selling in every single email (and 5 ways you might be unintentionally turning off your customers).
  • ​21 different ways to use email (if you thought email was just for announcing blog posts, you're in for a treat!)
  • 3 surprising and dead-easy ways to add social proof to your emails even if you don't have a large following and without having to beg for testimonials.
  • The critical pivot you must make that’ll give you instant confidence when emailing your list.
  • How to write an email in just 15 minutes that your readers will love. No more staring at the keyboard and waiting for inspiration to strike.
  • A swipe file with 55 pages of actual emails. Use these emails as inspiration for your own and to see how  you can mix and match social proof, calls to action and relationship building in next to no time.
  • Need to promote an affiliate offer or even your own book or course? Use the simple outlines and save tons of time writing emails while making more sales!
  • The 3 quick things you must absolutely do before sending every email in order to avoid headache and frustration, not to mention lost traffic and sales.
  • ... plus lots more!

Inbox Invitation is a 25 page ebook packed with strategy, how-tos, outlines and more.

Plus, you'll also get a 55 page swipe file of emails to give you inspiration and examples.

Inbox Invitation Table of Contents

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Ester Perez

 Ester Perez 

I just finishing my first launch of The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle.

I was able to sell numerous bundles and after filling in your launch tracker sheet, I have a .43% conversion per subscriber. I would really like to get that number up to at least 1%.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your Inbox Invitation program.  Your ebook is really simple and easy to digest! 


Who knew that your email communication is like having coffee with friends?!
If you are looking for a way to build a community with your subscribers and take your email marketing to the next level, Sarah has you covered.
She makes it easy by showing you step by step how to talk with your list in a way that is genuine and profitable.
Ann KarakoAnnie & Everything
She is personable and informative and answered my questions before I could even form them. Especially helpful are the schedules for various types of email campaigns -- I have wanted something like that for a long time, and no one had ever spelled it out so concisely for me before.
This book is great! Within 5 minutes of reading it I had scheduled my first of many emails.
I used to think I should only send my list my blog posts and sales pages. Now I know differently. Total mind shift.
Adrian GentilcoreAdrian's Crazy Life
I literally didn't know WHAT TO SAY.

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Extra Resources to help you get started FAST when you pick the Plus Edition

If you'd like to have even more resources to make it even easier to use the strategies taught in this ebook, you'll want the Plus Edition.

Besides the ebook and swipe file, the Plus Edition includes:

2 Sales Email Walkthroughs 

Launch Tracker Spreadsheet

Do you do affiliate promotions or launches of your own product?

Do you know that you should be tracking details of these launches but can't decide what or how to track?

This simple spreadsheet has everything laid out for you. Just make a copy and fill in the details as you go.

Includes a brief video tutorial on how to use the spreadsheet.

If your email list isn't giving you the results you expected, you owe it to yourself to read Inbox Invitation

Buy Inbox Invitation today​

Inbox Invitation ebook (25 pages)

Email swipe file (55 pages)

Launch Tracker spreadsheet

2 Video walkthroughs of actual profitable emails

After you buy, be sure to check your email for links to the spreadsheet and videos!


Although I don't expect you to need this, you absolutely have the option to ask for a refund for any reason at all within 90 days. Just send me an email if you're not satisfied and I'll refund your purchase.

No questions asked!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do your ideas work only for small lists? What if I have a list of 25k subscribers?

A. These ideas will work for lists of any size.

If your list is small, you have the perfect opportunity to get them used to frequent emails from you (as well as clicking and buying). If your list is under 500 or so, I'd probably email once a week and spend the rest of my time focusing on building the list.

Q. Do you talk about how to build a list in Inbox Invitation?

A. No - I wanted to keep the ebook focused on emailing people you already have. If you'd like to know how to grow your list, please download my free guide, Lead Magnet Action Plan.

Q. Do I have to email every day to make your strategies work?

A. Nope! I encourage you to email more than you're already doing - if that's once a week, try twice or three times. Or go all in and commit to daily for 30 days.

Any increase in emails will result in an increase in sales if you follow my strategy. Plus, I show you how I write most of my emails in about 15 minutes. So if you've got 15 minutes to spare, you can give this a try.

Q. Will Inbox Invitation strategies work with Blog Smarter or Elite Blog Academy or [insert name of program here].

A. Absolutely! These strategies are timeless marketing principles - they're program independent. The best part is that you can take them and make them your own. I give you the spark and the outlines and you can run with it to fit your needs.

In fact, I heard through the grapevine that this book has been discussed in the Blog Smarter private FB group. I'm not a member there, but apparently it fits perfectly with the principles she teaches.

Q. How long does it take to learn these strategies? I really don't have time for another training ebook!

A. I hear you! I don't have time for that either LOL. The book is a pretty quick read - it's 25 pages including a few graphics and tables. So I'd say you'll understand the basics in about an hour.

Then you can start emailing immediately. Seriously! You'll know enough after reading through to draft an email and hit send.

Then you can keep the swipe file and the outlines for when you're ready to do a larger project like a launch or promotion.

Q. What do I get in this ebook?

A. A 25 page ebook, delivered instantly plus a 55 page swipe file of actual emails I've used (an affiliate promotion, an internal product launch and some other emails).

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