Organize Like a Boss Challenge

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Even if you don’t know where to start and your house is a wreck after the holidays
...and it's currently a disaster

Follow our simple challenges and in 10 days,

 you will have 5 hotspots organized and under control.

Hundreds of people have done this challenge


Here's What You'll Learn

Secret #1: How everyone misuses the most common organizing solution (and how to use it properly!)

Using this tool properly instantly makes any space look more tidy. 

PLUS when you do this, your home will automatically stay more organized saving you time in the future.

Secret #2: How to create instant order in any space even without getting rid of anything!

This idea is so simple yet most people with a lot of stuff have never heard of it.

Secret #3: How to make decisions the EASY way so you don't waste time or money

Using this trick eliminates most of the emotional load that makes it so exhausting to decide what to do with all that stuff.

How does the challenge work?

  • A video a day (under 10 minutes) in our dedicated Facebook challenge group
  •  Handouts keep you focused
  • Step-by-step assignments outlining your tasks so you have success
  • Live Q&A to get your questions answered
  • Engaged and supportive community keeps you motivated

Organize Like a Boss runs until January 20, 2020

Psst! Don't worry about joining late.
This week is CATCH-UP WEEK!

For $1/day you can transform 5 hotspots in your home by…

- Learning simple organizing strategies so your home stays neater
- Eliminating things you DON’T want and freeing up space
- … and highlighting your mementos so you can actually enjoy them every day


Week 1: Challenge videos release daily

Week 2: Catch up and more organizing help

Week 3: Finish up and live Q&A

All videos are recorded in case you can't make it live.

I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people find peace and freedom in their lives by decluttering their homes.

I want to share that feeling with you too! 

Having an organized home is easier than you think when you use my simple tips and tricks.

Sarah Mueller

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