Upgrade your life, a week at a time

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The Weekly Worksheet series covers micro ideas that you can use to:

Do more in less time, change the way you think of about the world, learn to let go of clutter and so much more.

Previous worksheet topics include:

  • Wanting what you already have
  • Being an example of how to let go
  • Choosing the best
  • Do it now
  • Later never comes
  • Using limits to enjoy your possessions more
  • Turning What if on it's head.
  • The idea of "too much goodness" and it's a huge problem
  • How to stick to a commitment to yourself
  • ... and so much more

You'll get 40 Weekly Worksheets when you purchase the Vault.

25 are currently available (as of 7/29/2019) and the remainder will be released about a week at a time throughout the rest of the year.

Each lesson contains: 
- A worksheet
- A summary
- A 3-10 minute video lesson (closed captioned) so you can see how to apply the lesson to your own life

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